Registries and clinical studies

in all of Europe are our proven area of expertise.

Registries and clinical studies

We design, run, and publish data from registries and clinical studies, either independently or with partners in the healthcare sector. We currently work in collaboration with a large number of European hospitals.

Registries and clinical studies are initiated by interested clinicians or by relevant companies. We start with a project idea, from which we formulate a registry protocol and electronic questionnaire. The results are then jointly published by the participating centres.

Projects are generally financed by an external funding source, while we assume overall responsibility for project implementation (“Sponsorship”). For this, we work with established experts in the relevant fields, ensuring successful planning and implementation.


German, multicenter Registry to collect long-term results after surgical aortic valve replacement (INTUITY Elite Valve) combined with bypass surgery.



International, multicenter Registry on clinical outcomes of patients under the age of sixty undergoing aortic valve replacement.



International, multicenter Registry to assess the impact of pre-existing comorbidities on patient outcomes and prosthetic valve performance.



Multicenter European registry to establish a standardized TAVI patient care pathway, by implementing pre-defined QoC measures into hospital routine.



Multicenter Registry to investigate the safety and efficacy of low-energy electrical cardioversion with or without subsequent bi-atrial pacing in patients with post-operative atrial fibrillation.



Multicenter European registry to prospectively evaluate short and long-term safety & efficacy of redo TAVI procedures performed


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Dr. Beate Botta

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