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The Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine

The Institute is an experienced partner of universities, non-university institutions, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies in the implementation of scientific projects in the fields of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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We offer the trustworthy advice of a medical doctor and a pharmacist.

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Clinical Registries

Clinical registries across Europe are our primary area of expertise.

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Validation Centre

We will test and validate your blood pressure monitors.

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IPPMed Partnership

Prof. Dr. Peter Bramlage (physician) and Dr. Johannes Hankowitz (pharmacist) work closely together in the Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine, Dr. Bramlage & Dr. Hankowitz Partnership. Dr Bramlage focuses on collaboration with partners from industry and universities on scientific questions and the evaluation and publication of study data. Dr Hankowitz is experienced in the preparation and assessment of drug evaluations within the AMNOG (Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganisation Act) and editor of AMNOG-monitor.


Our activities in the areas of clinical registries and validation of blood pressure monitoring devices are a part of IPPMed – Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine GmbH. This is managed by Prof. Dr. Peter Bramlage and Beate Beime. Here, together with the highly experienced staff at our office in Cloppenburg, we regularly carry out large scale projects involving the latest pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
The close collaboration with clients, as well as with external investigators, ensures the high quality of our work. We focus primarily on cardiovascular indications, hypertension, thrombosis, and diabetes.

Scientist / Physician wanted!
Medical Writer wanted!

To enhance our scientific output we are looking for an experienced scientist with cardiovascular disease experience as well as a (native English) Medical Writer.

Recent Activity / Publications in press

van Mark G, Lanzinger S, Barion R, Degenhardt M, Badis S, Noll H, Danne T, Bramlage P, Seufert J, Holl RW. Patient and disease characteristics of adult patients with type 1 diabetes in Germany – an analysis of the DPV and DIVE databases. Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism 2019.

Schellong SM, Riess H, Spannagl M, Omran H, Schwarzbach M, Langer F, Gogarten W, Bramlage P, Bauersachs RM. [Bridging anticoagulation in patients receiving Vitamin K antagonists: Current status]. Gefässchirurg 2019.

Kofler M, Reinstadtler SJ, Mayr A, Stastny L, Reindl M, Dumfarth J, Dachs TM, Wachter K, Rustenbach CJ, Friedrich G, Feuchtner G, Klug G, Metzler B, Gimme M, Baumbach H, Bramlage P, Bonaros N. Prognostic Implications of Psoas Muscle Area in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation. EJCTS 2018.

Gatzke N, Güc N, Hillmeister P, Dülsner A, LeNoble F, Buschmann EE, Ingwersen M, Bramlage P, Buschmann IR. Cardiovascular drugs attenuated myocardial resistance against ischemia- and reperfusion-induced injury in a rat model of repetitive occlusion. Open Heart 2018.

Gellert G, Bramlage P. Use of the ClearSight System for continuous non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring during heart valve interventions: review of the literature and single-site experience. The Heart Surgery Forum 2018.

Leigh MB, Kor S, Czantrak P, Sacirovic M, Pagonas N, Hillmeister P, Zeidler G, Bramlage P, Buschmann I.Recanalization of bilateral axillaris/brachialis artery occlusion in a patient with Takayashu arteritis: First case report on using a novel drug-coated nitinol “chocolate” balloon catheter. Clin Case Rep 2018.

Stanska A, Jagielak D, Kowalik M, Brzezinski M, Pawlaczyk R, Fijalkowska J, Karolak W, Rogowski J, Bramlage P. Health-related quality of life following transcatheter aortic valve implantation using transaortic, transfemoral approaches and surgical aortic valve replacement-a single-center study. J Geriatr Cardiol 2018:15:657-65.

Cetinkaya A, Skwara W, Hein S, Bramlage P, Schönburg M, Richter M. Angiosarcoma of the Right Atrium with Extension to the Superior and Inferior Vena Cavae. J Card Surg 2018.

Schymik G, Bramlage P, Herzberger V, Bergmann J, Conzelmann LO, Würth A, Luik A, Schröfel H, Tzamalis P. Impact of Dialysis on the Prognosis of Patients undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation. Am J Cardiol 2018.

Hascoet S, Dalla Pozza R, Bentham J, Carere RG, Kanaan M, Ewert P, Biernacka EK, Kretschmar O, Deutsch C, Lecerf F, Lehner A, Kantznis M, Kurucova J, Thoenes M, Bramlage P, Haas NA. Early outcomes of percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation using the Edwards SAPIEN 3 transcatheter heart valve System. EurIntervention 2018.

Siegmund T, Borck A, Zisman A, Bramlage P, Kress S. A higher blood glucose level pre-breakfast in comparison to bedtime is a contraindication for intensification of prandial insulin therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes – the impact of a negative BeAM value. Journal of Clinical & Translational Endocrinology 2018.

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