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The Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine

The Institute is an experienced partner of universities, non-university institutions, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies in the implementation of scientific projects in the fields of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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Registries / Studies

Registries and studies across Europe are our expertise.

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Validation Centre

We validate the accuracy of your blood pressure monitors.

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Trustworthy advice of a medical doctor and a pharmacist.

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IPPMed Partnership

Prof. Dr. Peter Bramlage (physician) and Dr. Johannes Hankowitz (pharmacist) work closely together in the Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine, Dr. Bramlage & Dr. Hankowitz Partnership. Dr Bramlage focuses on collaboration with partners from industry and universities on scientific questions and the evaluation and publication of study data. Dr Hankowitz is experienced in the preparation and assessment of drug evaluations within the AMNOG (Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganisation Act) and editor of AMNOG-monitor.


Our activities in the areas of clinical registries and validation of blood pressure monitoring devices are a part of IPPMed – Institute for Pharmacology and Preventive Medicine GmbH. This is managed by Prof. Dr. Peter Bramlage and Beate Beime. Here, together with the highly experienced staff at our office in Cloppenburg, we regularly carry out large scale projects involving the latest pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
The close collaboration with clients, as well as with external investigators, ensures the high quality of our work. We focus primarily on cardiovascular indications, hypertension, thrombosis, and diabetes.

Project Manager wanted!

We are looking for a project manager in the field of registries / studies for our office located in Cloppenburg.

Recent Activity / Publications in press

Steeds RP, Messika-Zeitoun D, Thambyrajah J, Serra A, Schulz E, Maly J, Aiello M, Rudolph TK, Lloyd G, Bortone AS, Clerici A, Delle-Karth G, Rieber J, Indolfi C, Mancone M, Belle L, Lauten A, Arnold M, Bouma BJ, Lutz M, Deutsch C, Kurucova J, Thoenes M, Bramlage P, Frey N for the IMPULSE registry group. IMPULSE: The impact of gender on the presentation and management of aortic stenosis across Europe. Open Heart 2020.

Thoenes M, Agarwal A, Grundmann D, Ferrero C, McDonald A, Bramlage P, Steeds RP. Narrative review of the role of artificial intelligence to improve aortic valve disease management. J Thorac Dis 2020.

Lawall H, Bramlage P, Gorath M, Wittig T. Intermittent administration of Nitroglycerin sublingual powder compared to placebo in outpatients with peripheral artery disease – results of a randomized proof-of-concept study. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2020.

Cetinkaya A, Geier A, Bramlage K, Hein S, Bramlage P, Schönburg M, Choi YH, Richter M. Long-Term Results after Mitral Valve Surgery Using Minimally Invasive Versus Sternotomy Approach – a Propensity Matched Comparison of a Large Single-Center Series. BMC Cardiovasc Disorders 2020.

Cetinkaya A, Zeriouh M, Liakopoulose OJ, Hein S, Siemons T, Bramlage P, Schönburg M, Choi YH, Richter M. Minimally invasive left atrial appendage (LAA) clip insertion after challenging LAA occluder implantation to minimize the risk of stroke. J Surg Case Rep 2020.

Sasko B, Patschan D, Nordbeck P, Seidlmayer L, Andresen H, Jänsch M, Bramlage P, Ritter O, Pagonas N. Secondary prevention of potentially life-threatening arrhythmia using implantable cardioverter defibrillators in patients with biopsy-proven viral myocarditis and preserved ejection fraction. Cardiology 2020.

Studencan M, Pella D, Bramlage P, Kaszasova E. Clinical characteristics and management of hyperlipoproteinemia in patients with chronic coronary heart disease in Slovakia. Archives of Medical Science 2020.

PubMed listed Publications

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